I am a songwriter, composer, producer, vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and just general -ist. Brass tacks: I make music.

A musician since early childhood, I started writing music when I was a teenager and happened to never stop. I learned to groove in college in New Jersey (wow, there’s a sentence), where I sang in a genre-bending afrobeat band, Sensemaya Afrobeat All-Stars, and played guitar in a hip hop/soul/jazz outfit, Gorilla Gorilla. In 2013, I formed a superband out of those two groups and made the Night Kitchen Experiment, whom you will hear on my 2014 album All Seats Provide Equal Viewing of the Universe. This album also happened to be my college senior thesis. I passed, don’t worry.

These days I live in San Francisco (I’m originally a Bay Area native). I’m working in music technology and making a go at performing, recording, and producing. I’m available for voice and guitar session work as well as songwriting and composition work.

I also happen to be a graphic artist and am available for any of your artistic needs. You can view my portfolio here.

Contact me for booking information, graphic design inquiries, invitations to jam, and life advice.